Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coping With Endometriosis

I was diagnosed with endometriosis more than 12 years ago. I have never heard of it, and none of the doctors I had seen had ever mentioned that having severe painful periods could be a symptom of a medical condition. My worst symptom was excruciating pain during the cycle and continues to progress to a mild or moderate pain after that. This prolonged chronic pain has really zapped my energy and affected my moods and total well-being. At times the pain may subside a little but there was always a terror that it may return.

Throughout the years I have taken various prescription medications and undergone two major surgeries. Unfortunately none of the medications have offered complete relief and some have brought on unpleasant side effects. The second surgery that I went through did not help at all. The pain came back after just 3 months of the surgery. I have to suffer in silent physically and emotionally. Friends and colleagues always dismissed pain as being all in the mind. The pain that I suffered daily had become unbearable and I know taking painkillers to be able to function was not a solution. Finally I quit my job and decided to make changes to my lifestyle.

I had a more positive experience with alternative therapies. I did Qi Gong and tried traditional herbal remedies, meditated and do voluntary service work. Certainly all these had help my body to heal slowly. About 8 months ago my friend told me about mangosteen juice. As I’m open to alternative natural healing I gave it a try. There was nothing to loose. At the beginning, I took 60 ml three times a day for 6 days. VoilĂ ! I cannot believe it, my pain was gone. I continue with the juice and guess what – there was no pain even during my cycle!

This juice is a miracle for me. I have been on the mangosteen juice since then and have not felt so great. I have much more energy and a new life. I have not been working for quite awhile and now I have a job. I’m feeling on top of the world and life is great. I have my friend to thank you and I want to share my story especially to those who is suffering from endometriosis and other chronic pain or inflammation. I truly understand your pain. Don't give up! Nutritional supplements, a healthy diet, exercise and a positive outlook on life maybe the answer to your problem.


Anonymous said...

I'm suffering from endometriosis as well. My worst symptom is pain. Can you please let me know more about this juice?

Littlesparrow said...

Mangosteen juice has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and this is effective in combating endometriosis chronic pain. Xango mangosteen juice is made from whole fruit i.e rind,fruit and seed together. There are no added sugar, coloring or preservatives. Drink 30 to 60ml with a meal up to 3 times daily and you will notice your pain level decreasing. Hope you will be pain free as I have.

Anonymous said...

would you be up to talking to 2 of my girl friends who have very bad endometriosis? I would really appreciate it. My num is 540-905-1520 thank you so much, Kristin

Littlesparrow said...

Dear Kristin,
Can we correspond by email instead
It would be easier as I'm not from the States. Thanks

Lady Dee said...

this is interesting. i recommend DeliFruts mangosteen juice on, the taste is just perfect.

Unknown said...

Sana maktulong din sa akin mangooseten juice talagang hirap din aq sa sakit na indo